An industry leading global diversified industrial company launched a common software system across all functions at three facilities


Drive acceptance of an enterprise-wide hardware and software upgrade that affected all employees’ daily jobs at three locations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico – from incoming materials, through processing and shipping to the dealer organization.

The engagement and communication game plan was to change the relationship with technology and making it personal, swapping out technical jargon with stories and replacing site-wide “blasted” information with personal conversations about the transition.


Specific services provided

  • Simplified key messages around basic benefits for system users, e.g. “less key strokes for order acknowledgement,” “everyone sees the same screens”
  • Elevated face-to-face meetings to as the first step in all engagement – from shift starts through production meetings – developing talking points, stories and simple background material
  • Profiled frontline employees as heroes to tell their stories on how the change helps on the job, e.g. “one is better than three” – using one system on the job instead of three
  • Conducted formal feedback in two waves, with leaders and managers supporting the survey in daily meetings and walk arounds


  • Delivered on the personal experience based on survey feedback
    • Survey participation rates increased from 38 to 71 percent
    • Receiving detailed, clear and relevant communication, as well as, understanding of system benefits increased by 20 percentage points
  • Launched the system on schedule, on the same day, at the same time in all three locations


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