A Fortune 50 multinational food, snack, and beverage corporation centralizes Global Talent Mobility to improve the expatriate experience, streamline process and reduce cost


Transform a Human Resources function to help the business operate in a borderless world for talent management, providing employees with support and services throughout their international experience.

The goal was to centralize the function to be the single source of support from the time employees consider an assignment to their return home, making the experience positive for assignees, their families and the business.


Specific services provided

  • Activated the strategy through alignment of stakeholders throughout Human Resources and consistency of implementation, engagement and communication, and feedback throughout the journey.
  • Developed a range of products from internal marketing materials for recruiting employees to a handbook for supporting assignees throughout the total experience and simplifying complex policies.
  • Built plans and content to engage the global mobility team in delivering the consistent, memorable international experience.


  • Repositioned the function as a high-end, high-touch team, strengthening relationships throughout the assignee community to improve the overall experience, while building value for the business, as measured by a savings of $725 million per year.
  • Delivered on the international experience based on a survey of all employees on assignment:
    • Eighty-seven percent of employees said the assignment stretched their knowledge and skills; 83 percent said the experience contributes to achieving career goals; three out of four said they would make the same decision to take an assignment.
  • Earned industry recognition from the Forum for Expatriate Management association with first place awards for the best global mobility team in retail across North America, Europe and Asia.
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