The world’s largest global industrial power business builds a relationship between the environment and the bottom line


Take a company’s external commitment to protecting the environment and turn it inward, engaging the minds and spirits of employees across the planet to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy and water usage – with a bottom line bonus!

This employee-led initiative is still running strong since its launch in 2012 with significant, cumulative results achieved build relationships among environment, local communities and the business.

Specific services provided

  • Initiated and participated in the development of an ambassador and tiered site certification program that required voluntary commitment by employees
  • Aligned planning with the external environmental philosophy and turned it internally to inspire and motivate employees
  • Developed on-brand content and design for the program launch, leader videos, intranet site and certification communications and announcements
  • Transitioned and coached a new leader and reinvigorated the initiative, delivering improved performance


A Fortune 15 global industrial power business saved $11.4M in four years, reduced energy and water usage across more than 40 facilities worldwide and engaged 20% of the business’ employees.

  • Recruited more than 360 ambassadors across 15 countries and six continents
  • Prevented 39,333 tons of waste from being sent to a landfill
  • Saved enough water to fill 1,514 Olympic swimming pools
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